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M+Editor Dashboard Setup


Make a splash and solidify a lasting positive first impression on social media and more with an expertly written press release reflecting your brand's mission, energy, and vibe. Our content has a proven track record to grab and maintain visitor engagement.



In M+Editor, the Dashboard is where you will be able to manage many aspects of your websites content including:

  • Add new blog posts
  • Organize blog posts using categories
  • Create and manage categories
  • Create custom collections
  • Publish collection items

Each of these is critical to ensuring your website provides a best-in-class experience to your visitors and search engines. You could easily spend hours researching and learning why slugs are important and how to optimize them for SEO, how canonical links work, the best collection set for your use case, and more.

Fortunately, with M+Editor Dashboard Setup, we handle all of this for you saving you hours of time and providing you peace with of mind knowing your website content structure will perform perfectly.

Category Setup

  • 2 categories customized to your industry to get started
  • SEO optimized with appropriate settings

Collection Setup

  • 1 collection configured to your business service or product based on industry best practices
  • Collection examples include Recipe, Event, Product, Realty, and more.
  • One published collection item to get you started if you purchase a Discovery Interview session.
  • Social share image and meta image
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