Website Design Questionnaire 

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Project size prices are provided to assist with estimating project scope and establishing a desired budget, with each tier representing an adjustable ratio. A project may encompass various features within the specified range. Final pricing is subject to project specifics and client requirements, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your vision and goals. See the project size reference below the form for a brief description of each tier.

Managed plans can substantially reduce up front costs, as can our flexible payment options. 


Project size reference

$2500 (4 pages, custom design, static content):
Basic package for a smaller website with custom design and static content.

$2500-$5000 (5-7 pages, more design, static content):
A mid-range option with additional pages and enhanced design features.

$5000-$7500 (8-12 pages, content management system, simple ecommerce):
Offering more complexity with a content management system (CMS) and/or basic e-commerce functionality.

$7500-$10000 (extra pages and/or design functionality, medium ecommerce):
Higher budget for extended pages, advanced design features, and medium-level e-commerce integration.

$10000+ (advanced site integration, complex ecommerce):
A premium tier for projects requiring advanced site integration and complex e-commerce solutions, or large ammounts of content collections.

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